The Healthy Home? Selling The Wellness Value Of A Home

The Healthy Home? Selling The Wellness Value Of A Home

The Healthy Home? Selling The Wellness Value Of A HomeA study by the World Health Organization says that 90% of our health comes from where and how people live. Homeowners are paying more attention to wellness. These considerations extend to the home that they want to buy. Do you want to get a great price when you sell your home?

Go green and go healthy.

Going Green

Homebuyers are looking for more than just a quality home in a safe neighborhood. They also appreciate energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency includes new appliances that use less electricity, smart-home technology that manages usage and climate zones, and better insulation as well as new windows and doors. It also includes having a solar energy system to reduce monthly electricity costs.

Wellness Living

Wellness amenities include special lighting, sound systems, interior climate monitoring, plus air and water filtration systems. Newly-constructed homes are being advertised as being more healthy and perhaps extending the occupants’ lives. Older homes can be retrofitted with wellness systems to increase habitability and make them attractive to buyers.

Here are some wellness systems to consider:

  • Water Purification — Pure water for drinking and ice cubes with soft water for other uses is high on the list of priorities. The best water purification systems have micro-filtration combined with activated carbon filters. They are able to remove up to 99.999% of any contaminants.
  • Air Filtration — Hospital-quality air-filtration systems with HEPA filters remove dust, allergens, pet dander, bacteria, mold, and contagious airborne viruses.
  • Climate Monitoring — These advanced smart home systems constantly test the interior air for contaminants. The system will inform homeowners if any toxic chemicals are detected.
  • Circadian Lighting — Advanced lighting systems provide full-spectrum lighting that comes on automatically to mimic the natural light cycles of sunrise and sunset. These systems are especially helpful to improve the moods of occupants in areas that have dreary outside weather
  • Soothing Sound Systems — Sound systems can be fine-tuned to emit white noise and noise-cancellation frequencies to provide soothing sonics for interior spaces.
  • Home Gym — Having an exercise room with large windows and a nice view of the garden is a real plus. This room can also serve as a space for meditation.
  • Sunroom — A sunroom is an excellent choice for a home addition. It can be used to relax and get some vitamin D from the sunshine as well as be filled with living aromatic flowers for quality aromatherapy.


Having a home that is designed to both be energy-efficient and improve wellness is a trend that helps sell them as a wonderful living space that promotes holistic living.